Top 5 backlink monitoring tools in 2024.


In this era of digital marketing and the online world, understanding the advantages and degree of search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial and important to grow in this online world and to achieve success in the era of digital marketing.

Among the multitude of SEO tools and link-building strategies for SEO, backlinks play a central role in determining and uplifting the authority and visibility of your website. The Benefits of link building are essential to know if you’re getting started with off-page SEO.

In this internet world, websites compete to rank high and visible. Having a website alone is not enough; it needs to be easily found among all the websites related to your title because there are several blog posts on the internet on the same topic or title. This is where SEO strategies become important, and backlinks are at the center of all SEO tools and strategies.

In this blog post, we study about the the top 5 tools that do the job of backlink monitoring. 

Before understanding and learning about backlink monitoring tools, let’s have a view about a question: what are backlinks and why are they important for the optimization of your websites?

Understanding Backlinks; the Foundation of Visibility and Authority Online:


Backlinks are hyperlinks that are generated from one website and point to another website.

They serve and function as a vote of confidence, telling and indicating to search engines that this piece of content is valuable and deserving of a higher rank in search engines.


The following points show the importance of backlinks in SEO:

  • Backlinks also increase and uplift the visibility of your websites in search engine result pages(SERPs).
  • Your internet presence and exposure are increased by these backlinks, which are regarded by other websites as a mark of authority and reliability.
  • Backlinks also increase your referral traffic. This is the traffic coming from links on other websites.
  •  Gaining backlinks from well-known websites that receive a lot of traffic each month is a good way to increase brand awareness because of these sites’ large following.

What are backlink monitoring tools?

The tools that are designed for a special purpose which is monitoring and looking after backlinks( hyperlinks that are generated from one website and point to another website) are known as backlink monitoring tools.

These tools are designed in a way that they scan the web or search engines, identifying external links means backlinks pointing to a specific website or webpage. By doing so it provides valuable data on the source and quality of the backlink profile of a website. Following are some reasons to use these tools:

  • Backlink monitoring tools help you to find better inbound links. It allows you to polish your SEO strategies.
  • Monitoring backlinks gives you the ability to analyze competitor backlinks.
  • These tools help us to enhance link-building opportunities and to stay ahead in our niche.
  • These tools also track the progress and performance of the backlink profile of a website.
  • Backlink monitoring tools identify suspicious backlinks that are harmful to your website.

Following is the detailed overview of the top 5 backlink monitoring tools to use in 2024;

Top 5 backlink monitoring tools:

SE ranking

SE ranking backlink monitoring tool

SE ranking is a Backlink tracking tool with its impressive functionality of monitoring backlinks at scale. With its user-friendly interface and analysis capability, this tool stands top of the list for businesses and persons who strive to optimize their presence on the internet.

It provides features such as real-time monitoring of backlinks. This tool helps users to stay to revise the nature of backlinks. SE ranking also gives precious data on harmful and toxic links that harm website ranking in search engines.

SE ranking also gives you information about your competitor’s backlink profiles and identifies opportunities for improvement. When you have this information, you will be able to modify your SEO strategy by looking into your competitor’s backlink profile.

The starting package of SE ranking is $31 monthly. You can use a 14-day trial for testing the software before signing up for a subscription.


Linkody backlink monitoring tool

Linkody is another backlink monitor software that has all the useful features that map your profiles of backlinks. It has a very easy-to-understand dashboard that shows the important data about new and lost backlinks. 

This tool helps you to explore factors such as the spam score of backlinks and the authority of domains that are linking. It also shows data on the usage of anchor text. Linkody has a built-in tool for the creation of rejected link files. This feature helps you to improve your management of link profiles.

In addition, Linkody allows users of all skill levels to use its features because they are easy to understand and have a straightforward ability to function. It provides metrics from popular tools such as Moz and Alexa etc.

Linkody starts at $14.90 per month for two domains and one user. Linkody is an affordable tool for website owners or business owners to monitor the profile of their backlinks.


Majestic is a tool that does the work of monitoring backlinks. It provides valuable data on the backlink profiles of a website. It provides rapid insights into the status of backlinks.

Its features are invaluable for businesses monitoring their link-building progress and determining the best websites to target for link-building efforts. Majestic also provides data on link placement and helps users determine the context and quality of each link on a page, differentiating between editorial and contextual links.

It provides features such as trust flow, citation flow, visibility flow, and topical trust flow. Trust flow gives the data on the quality of backlinks. It gives high scores indicating better quality of backlinks.

Citation flow tells the number of backlinks pointing to a website. Visibility flow gives you a score of editorial backlinks pointing to a website. Topical trust flow tells you the relevancy of backlinks a site has.

Features of majestic as backlink monitoring tool

Majestic also gives information about types of backlinks and the distribution of anchor text. Pricing of this tool starts at  $49.99 per month for one user. You can use this tool to boost your SEO performance.


SEOptimer backlink monitoring tool

SEOptimer is the backlink monitoring tool to use whether you are a beginner or a professional in the field of SEO. SEOptimer gives you a detailed and comprehensive overview and data on the backlinks pointing to your website by other websites. Features of this tool for monitoring backlinks profiles are given below;

It gives you a very understandable dashboard in its first view. By entering your backlink and domain metrics, you can see new and lost backlinks from a year ago on the website. Over that period, you can visualize a table that gives you detailed data. This detailed data is of all the new and lost links.

This tool also sends you emails. These emails contain a detailed summary of backlinks changes on a weekly or monthly basis. This tool enables you to download the data of the backlink profile of a website in multiple formats such as CSV(comma-separated values), excel, or PDF.

Pricing of SEOptimer starts at $29 per month for marketers and $59 per month for agencies. This tool offers a 14-day free trial before subscription to a package.


Linkio backlink monitoring tool

Linkio is a software that is known for its backlink outreach, but it offers a multitude of features. One of the most significant features that Linkio gives is the monitoring of backlink profiles of a website.

Linkio checks the nature of links whether it’s good or bad, that is the quality of links. It updates its data whenever changes in a backlink occur. You have details about each link and its surrounding content by using this tool. 

One of the most significant features of Linkio as a backlink monitor tool is the anchor link percentages feature. This feature allows users to see the keywords, branded, URL, hybrid, and anchor text in the backlink. 

Pricing of this software starts at $19.99 per month. By giving this price you can analyze up to 10,000 backlinks every month.


Backlinks are essential for your website as they are votes of confidence for your website. Good-quality votes mean good-quality backlinks and bad votes mean bad-quality backlinks. Monitoring these votes over time is beneficial as it is a factor for search engine optimization of your webpage.

Do not be in two minds to use these tools to monitor backlinks pointing to your website. Start taking action and working hard on backlinks using these tools.
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