Ecommerce Link Building – Complete Guide for 2023


Link building plays a crucial role in the SEO puzzle for eCommerce website owners. Securing top positions on Google’s search results for relevant keywords is akin to having a brick-and-mortar store on a bustling high street, ensuring a steady stream of sales as you are conveniently located where customers are eager to spend their money.

The eCommerce industry is poised for remarkable growth in the coming years, making it even more imperative for businesses in this space to focus on effective SEO practices.

To establish a strong presence and rank favorably for competitive and lucrative search terms, it’s essential to adopt innovative approaches to your link building strategies. The creativity you inject into your link-building efforts can make all the difference.

It’s worth noting that the strength and quality of your backlink profile exert a direct and substantial influence on your website’s visibility in search engine results. Thus, a well-crafted link building strategy can be a powerful asset in your quest to stand out in the digital marketplace.

Wayfair – an Ecommerce Giant

Explore the charts illustrating the online furniture retailer Wayfair’s journey. Remarkably, as their backlink network has expanded, so has their influx of organic traffic, surging to an impressive 20 million monthly visits, as reported by Ahrefs.

While Wayfair stands as a globally renowned platform with a substantial history and a formidable team behind it, we’ve set our sights on an e-commerce newcomer, eager to unravel the growth story of a more recent entrant in the industry.

Made In Cookware: SEO and Link Building Strategy

In the world of online commerce, a relatively new player making waves is Made In Cookware. This culinary-centric establishment, founded in 2017, has experienced a remarkable journey marked by substantial growth. Notably, the brand’s ascent began in September 2018 and continued to soar until September 2019, a period closely tied to the expansion of its backlink profile. Today, Made In Cookware boasts an impressive monthly organic viewership exceeding 33,000, as reported by Ahrefs.

Made In Cookware may be categorized as a compact yet burgeoning e-commerce destination, specializing in providing high-quality cookware directly to consumers. Since its inception four years ago, this online hub has witnessed a substantial surge in organic traffic, amassing an impressive 35,000 monthly visits. Remarkably, Ahrefs estimates the value of this organic traffic at approximately $17,800, underscoring the brand’s significance in its niche.

One of Made In Cookware’s standout achievements is its prominence in search engine results. The website currently ranks for over 31,000 keywords, all of which align with what potential buyers in the market for new cookware are likely to be searching for. This impressive keyword portfolio solidifies Made In Cookware’s position as a go-to destination for those seeking top-tier culinary tools and equipment.

🗝 Relevant Keywords They Rank For

  • Saucepan
  • Carbon Steel Cookware
  • Blue Carbon Steel Pan
  • Carbon Steel Pan
  • Knife
  • Frying Pan
  • Carbon Steel Skillet
  • Ceramic Pans

👉 What’s So Impressive About Made In Cookware?

  • In its initial two years of operation, the company witnessed a meteoric rise in its organic web traffic. The website has successfully secured rankings for a diverse spectrum of keywords, spanning from general terms like “saucepan” to more precise ones such as “blue carbon steel pan.” Notably, its active blog has proven to be a magnet for valuable backlinks and has consistently achieved high rankings for non-product-related keywords that are highly relevant to its niche.
  • What sets this achievement apart is the impressive array of backlinks the website has garnered from authoritative and high Domain Rating (DR) sources. Notable mentions include prominent publications like Bon Appétit, The Spruce Eats, Wired, and Business Insider. All of this was accomplished even without the advantage of being a widely recognized household name, making Made in Cookware’s success truly remarkable.

How to Build Links for Ecommerce: 8 Proven Strategies

Analyzing the backlink profile of Made In Cookware on Ahrefs reveals that they have effectively employed several strategies we will discuss below to establish their link-building efforts. These tactics address common hurdles encountered by e-commerce stores, particularly the challenge of limited link-worthy content.

Here are eight strategies you can use to build backlinks for ecommerce.

Create Linkable Assets

One effective approach for acquiring valuable backlinks is to incorporate a blog section into your website, featuring compelling and informative content. Subsequently, you can engage in outreach efforts to encourage others to link to your articles. Additionally, you can amplify the positive impact of these referrals by linking to high-converting pages on your site.

The pivotal factor is identifying the type of content that is likely to attract these coveted backlinks. To achieve this, you can employ tools like Ahrefs to analyze your competitors’ websites. By exploring the “Top Pages by Links” section for several competing sites, you can compile a list of potential content assets.

Once you’ve gathered ideas, the next step is to create content that surpasses what your competitors have to offer. Enhancing your content’s quality and value increases the likelihood of other websites linking to your resource, rather than your competitors’.

There are several effective strategies for elevating existing content. You can opt to delve deeper into the topic, incorporate various forms of media, or introduce fresh research findings.

Finally, you’ll need to initiate outreach efforts to encourage website owners and bloggers to link to your page. Ahrefs can once again be a valuable tool for this task. Utilize it to identify websites that have linked to similar content in the past, and reach out to them via email, highlighting the unique value of your resource. By following these steps, you can enhance your website’s link-building strategy and bolster its online presence.

Types of Linkable Assets

⚒️ Tools & Widgets

These assets wield substantial influence, capable of drawing a multitude of referrals when harnessed alongside precise outreach efforts. In our journey to procure links for our Keto calculator, we engaged in a strategic outreach campaign, identifying websites directing users to obsolete or malfunctioning calculators. Our proposal was simple yet effective: encourage them to replace these outdated resources with our modern and accurate alternative. This approach is a timeless and proven strategy known as broken link building.

📘 In-Depth Guides

Creating comprehensive guides on subjects relevant to your field can lead to the acquisition of backlinks. We successfully cultivated high-quality links to our guide on pre-workout supplements, leading to a notable boost in its search engine ranking position (SERP) and an impressive influx of approximately 15,000 organic visitors every month.

📂 Reports and Original Research

This comprehensive study, commissioned by MyProtein, offers valuable insights into the spending patterns related to health supplements within the United Kingdom. It has garnered attention from 16 different referring domains, as documented by Ahrefs.

🔖 Top Lists Award

Compiling a curated catalog of leading websites and blogs within your specific field can yield valuable backlinks when you share this compilation with the sites you feature. For one of our clients, the creation of a comprehensive list showcasing the finest men’s blogs generated an impressive influx of backlinks. We transformed this list into an esteemed award, providing website owners with a coveted badge of honor that they were eager to display and link to from their own sites. This innovative approach led to a substantial accumulation of authoritative backlinks, with many bloggers prominently featuring the award badge on their homepage.

FAQ Pages

FAQ pages serve as valuable resources within your industry by offering solutions to common problems. They represent a distinct type of linkable asset, although their approach to attracting links differs somewhat.

When it comes to FAQs, the primary objective is to achieve a high ranking on search engines for a multitude of long-tail keywords centered around a specific topic. This strategy allows your page to appear prominently when individuals search for these specific queries.

The inherent visibility and problem-solving nature of FAQ pages make them highly shareable on various platforms, such as forums and social media, and they often serve as reference points for blog posts.

This FAQ page addresses inquiries related to PFOA-coated cookware and currently boasts backlinks from 21 referring domains. It has successfully secured rankings for 160 keywords, including questions such as:

  • What is the meaning of PFOA?
  • What exactly is PFOA?
  • How is PFOA defined?
  • What options are available for PFOA-free cookware?
  • How is PFOA present in cookware?
  • Can you explain what PFTE-free means?

Niche Edits

Niche edits can prove highly effective for e-commerce enterprises. The initial step involves conducting a comprehensive Google search to pinpoint content that aligns with your product offerings. Subsequently, you reach out to the respective webmasters, requesting them to seamlessly integrate links to your website within their existing content.

It’s important to note that, in most cases, you will need to invest in acquiring these links. However, the notable advantage lies in the speed at which you can typically amass these links, often resulting in a positive return on investment.

For instance, imagine an e-commerce store specializing in portable fans. This business could reach out to websites featuring articles on topics such as staying cool during the summer or the top-rated portable fans.

For those seeking further insights, our comprehensive article on niche edits provides a wealth of information to help you excel in this specific link-building strategy.

The potential number of links you can secure through this method is primarily limited by your financial resources and the willingness of websites to sell you these links.

When embarking on this strategy, exercise caution when approaching publishers and blogs. Steer clear of acquiring links from spam-ridden sites that are inundated with excessive paid links, as being associated with such domains could adversely impact your Google ranking.

To identify suitable websites for this approach, we recommend referring to our guide on link prospecting, which can serve as a valuable resource in your link-building endeavors.

Digital PR

Digital PR stands as an invaluable avenue for securing backlinks from reputable websites. Yet, executing it successfully poses a formidable challenge, demanding not only a compelling narrative capable of capturing the media’s interest but also the finesse to cultivate lasting connections with journalists and influential bloggers.

Here are four ways Ecommerce brands can build backlinks via digital PR.

💡 Release Interesting / Crazy Products

Creating a truly captivating product can serve as a powerful catalyst for garnering media attention and, in turn, valuable backlinks. Take, for instance, the “Eco-Rescue Timepiece” by Vollebak, a remarkable watch meticulously crafted from materials salvaged from our planet’s waste heaps. The product’s dedicated webpage managed to secure backlinks from a slew of influential websites, including several boasting impressively high Domain Ratings (DRs).

🎁 Charity Work and Donations

Warby Parker’s innovative “Buy One Gift One” initiative serves as a remarkable illustration of a strategy that has garnered significant attention, including valuable backlinks from renowned publications like Wired and The New York Times.

Engaging in proactive promotion of your own charitable endeavors or community outreach programs to publications relevant to your industry can yield an impressive influx of backlinks.

Consider the case of several modest-sized enterprises highlighted in a recent article. These businesses, despite their size, secured mentions from Business Insider because of their commitment to donating a portion of their profits to COVID-19-related causes. This showcases the potential for businesses to attract attention and generate backlinks by aligning with meaningful charitable efforts.

🙂 Gimmicks

In a clever marketing move, Ooni, the renowned home pizza oven manufacturer, introduced a unique opportunity for pizza enthusiasts – the chance to become official “Pizza Taster” testers. This intriguing job offer, which blends both fun and authenticity, quickly gained attention and earned its rightful place in the limelight.

This innovative campaign not only piqued the curiosity of countless pizza lovers but also garnered substantial online traction. The web archive of this initiative showcases an impressive total of 283 Dofollow links, including endorsements from authoritative websites such as CNBC and Business Insider. These high Domain Rating (DR) sites recognized the novelty and appeal of Ooni’s Pizza Taster position, further solidifying its status as a genuine opportunity with a touch of irresistible charm.

👥 Roundups

Securing a spot for your product in website roundups can be a highly effective strategy for acquiring valuable backlinks. The process involves identifying websites and blogs within your industry and reaching out to those that have previously featured product roundups related to your niche.

While it may require some investment, such as paying for placement or sending your product to relevant fashion bloggers, the benefits are well worth it. Not only do you gain exposure, but you also tap into a pool of potential customers, all while building a collection of valuable backlinks to boost your online presence.


Platforms like HARO and ResponseSource offer incredible opportunities for budding e-commerce stores to boost their visibility. These services act as a magnet for journalists from prominent publications seeking insights and inspiration from business owners.

What’s particularly advantageous is the ability to fine-tune your responses to align with your specific industry, allowing you to focus on inquiries that are directly relevant to your e-commerce niche, such as fashion and beauty.

A stellar example of leveraging this approach is, led by a solopreneur who has mastered the art of HARO link building. Their success came into our spotlight when we featured their tactics in our comprehensive link building expert strategies guide.

They have successfully secured backlinks from high-authority websites like MarketWatch, BusinessInsider, Entrepreneur, Cloudways, and many others with a Domain Rating (DR) of 80 or more. All of this was achieved through the diligent and consistent execution of a HARO link building strategy, diligently responding to journalist requests every single day.

We highly recommend incorporating this strategy into your own processes. Dedicate just 45 minutes each day to engaging with relevant journalist inquiries, and watch your e-commerce store’s online presence soar as you earn valuable links from authoritative sources.

💵 Discounts

Using discount codes can prove to be a highly successful strategy for acquiring valuable backlinks, provided that you are committed to fulfilling the offered discounts.

Upon examining the sources of these inbound links, it becomes evident that the specific webpage in question garners referrals from online platforms associated with the various professions eligible for these discounts. Additionally, it enjoys visibility on popular bargain websites. Notably, a significant portion of these referring sites boasts impressive domain authority ratings.

Developing Affiliate Partnerships

Establishing affiliate partnerships serves as a powerful strategy for not only augmenting your sales but also attracting a greater audience to your website. Moreover, it offers the advantage of acquiring valuable backlinks to your site.

When selecting the most suitable affiliate partners, you have the potential to secure links from reputable websites. Additionally, these links often direct traffic to your product pages, enhancing your visibility and sales potential.

The intricate aspect of this approach lies in developing a robust affiliate program and recruiting the right affiliates. You must demonstrate to potential partners that your program offers substantial earning potential, whether through generous commission rates, substantial sales volume, or a high-converting website.

The encouraging aspect is that if you can showcase the profitability of your program, finding partners willing to link to your site should not be challenging. By consistently delivering favorable returns for your affiliates, you create a compelling incentive for them to continually feature your brand in their content.

A noteworthy example is the men’s clothing brand, Taylor Stitch, which has effectively executed an affiliate program. This has likely contributed to high Domain Rating (DR) publishers showing enthusiasm in creating content about the brand’s products, even for seemingly straightforward topics like new product releases or sales promotions.

Influencer Product Reviews

Promoting your product through sponsored reviews can be an effective strategy to secure valuable backlinks for your website. The process involves reaching out to bloggers or websites within your niche and proposing the idea of reviewing your product.

The terms of collaboration can vary depending on the specific website you approach. For instance, smaller bloggers might be content with receiving your product for free in exchange for an honest review. This arrangement can be particularly beneficial if your product isn’t too costly. Conversely, larger publishers may require compensation for their time and efforts.

However, it’s essential to keep certain considerations in mind. In order to align with Google’s guidelines, any sponsored reviews or posts must be clearly marked as such, and the included links should be tagged as “sponsored.”

If you’re interested in obtaining “dofollow” links, you can certainly identify websites willing to review your product while including these types of links. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to tread carefully and ensure that the website in question doesn’t explicitly disclose that you encouraged them to review your product. The key is to maintain the authenticity of the review, making it seem entirely natural and uncoerced, as this is fully within the bounds of acceptable practice.

Unlinked Brand Mentions

When your brand is mentioned in a blog post, it’s a golden opportunity to gain valuable backlinks. However, there are instances where people forget to include the link to your website. Fortunately, with the right tools in place, you can identify these missed opportunities and reach out to the website owners to kindly request them to add a link to your site. More often than not, they are willing to oblige.

One effective method to keep tabs on these unlinked mentions is by setting up a Google alert specifically tailored to your business. This alert will notify you whenever a webpage containing your brand name is published. The beauty of this approach is that you can customize the alert settings based on various factors such as the source, language, region, and how frequently you’d like to receive email notifications.

This strategy of monitoring unlinked mentions serves as a straightforward yet potent means of acquiring valuable backlinks. It’s important to note that this approach is particularly beneficial for well-established brands that regularly find themselves as the subject of discussions and mentions online.

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