HARO Link Building Service: How We Land BIG Links for SEO Clients


Utilizing platforms like HARO (Help a Reporter Out) can be a highly effective strategy for garnering valuable backlinks from authoritative publications, offering substantial benefits for your SEO endeavors.

The appeal of platforms such as HARO lies in their predictability for link building, primarily due to the genuine interest that reporters have in your story.

The underlying idea is straightforward: Journalists, reporters, and bloggers are actively seeking expert sources to enhance their articles across diverse subjects. By delivering a compelling and insightful quote or contribution, you create a win-win situation. You not only provide valuable content to the reporters but also increase the likelihood of them linking back to your website as a credible source.

Securing media coverage isn’t as simple as sporadically responding to relevant opportunities. Such a haphazard strategy often leads to companies failing to establish valuable backlinks despite their dedication of time and resources.

Opting for a HARO link building service, such as the one we offer, presents an excellent solution for rapidly cultivating reputable, white-hat links associated with your brand.

Why HARO Users Regularly Earn Links From Big Media

Every single day, professional journalists from reputable publications such as Insider, The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, and many others rely on HARO (Help a Reporter Out) to seek expert insights for their articles. HARO facilitates this process by sending out daily emails containing these requests.

Should a writer opt to include your response in their article, you stand to gain a valuable backlink from the website where the article is published. This symbiotic arrangement is a win-win scenario: journalists enhance the quality of their stories with expert input, while you, as an expert, earn high-quality links from authoritative publications.

How to Succeed with HARO Link Building

Certainly! Here are the essential principles for success on the platform:

  • Swift Responses: Responding promptly to HARO queries is paramount. Your pitch will soar to the top of the journalist’s list, increasing the likelihood of them choosing your input. Delaying by just 24 hours can result in numerous other responses, making it easy to miss out on the opportunity.
  • Seek Relevance: Focus on relevant requests and topics, which are conveniently accessible through HARO’s daily emails. As an example, if you’re a digital marketing agency, you can provide valuable insights on marketing, entrepreneurship, advertising, business, management, and more.
  • Keep it Concise: Limit your response to a maximum of 200 words. Avoid cluttering your pitch with links to various social profiles or unrelated content. Journalists are interested in concise, insightful contributions.
  • Offer Actionable Insights: Many miss the mark here. Avoid generic content that rarely garners attention. Journalists are looking for quotable points of expertise. Begin with actionable advice and then elaborate on its application.
  • Eliminate Filler: Remember, you’re not crafting a lengthy blog post. You have a mere 200 words to convince someone that you possess intriguing expertise. Avoid filler content and focus on delivering a captivating and insightful message.

How We Built Our SEO Results With HARO

The success of the LinkCrafters website stands as a testament to the effectiveness of the HARO (Help a Reporter Out) platform. At present, our website proudly claims the top spot in search rankings for numerous valuable and highly pertinent keywords associated with link building. In addition, we have secured positions on the first page for several others.

🔑 Some of the keywords where we currently enjoy strong rankings include:

  • Leading Link Building Agency
  • Premier Link Building Company
  • Trusted Link Building Expert
  • Top-notch Link Building Service

While it’s no surprise that a link building agency such as ours boasts an impressive portfolio of backlinks, it’s worth noting that HARO has played a significant role in attracting some of our most valuable and authoritative ones.

LegalZoom HARO Link

When aiming to secure a spot in a highly competitive request on platforms like HARO (Help a Reporter Out), such as the one from a site boasting an impressive Domain Rating (DR) of 81 and millions of monthly organic search visitors, it’s crucial to demonstrate a deep understanding of the publication and the journalist’s specific needs. This understanding is what enables you to craft a response that not only stands out but also aligns perfectly with the journalist’s requirements, making it easily quotable and desirable for inclusion in their piece.

Our HARO link building service has honed a meticulous process to ensure that all our responses meet these critical criteria. We’ve successfully employed this system in the past, as evidenced by our response being utilized by the writer for the Legal Zoom request. By applying this approach, we consistently deliver responses that hit the mark, making them compelling choices for journalists seeking expert insights and quotable content.

RavenTools HARO Link

We leveraged the power of HARO (Help a Reporter Out) to secure a valuable backlink from Raventools, a highly authoritative website with a Domain Rating (DR) of 79. Our specific inquiry on HARO sought insights from agency owners, asking them to share their expert advice on achieving consistent and reliable lead generation.

Given our agency’s expertise in the field, we were ideally positioned to provide a comprehensive response. Our contribution focused on illuminating the strategies for harnessing the potential of YouTube as a potent tool for lead generation. This insightful response was subsequently featured and acknowledged by Raventools, enhancing our online presence and credibility within our industry.

🤫 The Secret SEO Sauce – One of Our Responses

I’m going to share with you the exact response that landed us a link on LegalZoom…

LegalZoom (DR 91) Success

“Hello Sandra,

What a fantastic topic to explore!

In today’s competitive landscape, the spotlight often falls on boosting sales figures, yet the true goldmine often lies in understanding and enhancing customer lifetime value. The concept of customer lifetime value is like the hidden gem of business strategy.

Not only does it empower businesses to make accurate revenue forecasts, but it serves as a compass for navigating marketing and advertising investments. By quantifying the return on investment (ROI) of various marketing initiatives, companies can make data-driven decisions about where to allocate their resources most effectively.

Elevating customer lifetime value is not just a mere possibility; it’s a strategic imperative. One effective approach is to focus on elevating the quality of customer service. Extensive research has proven that exceptional customer service substantially reduces churn rates across a wide array of industries.

In a world where choices abound, customer loyalty often hinges on more than just the product or service itself. It’s about fostering a genuine connection and demonstrating that you value your customers. When people feel appreciated and well-treated, they’re more inclined to stick around for the long haul.

Becoming a link-building maestro doesn’t require mastering copywriting wizardry; all you need is to serve up a delectably distinct nugget of information that journalists can’t resist incorporating into their articles.

The Experiment – Common Mistakes People Make

We recently conducted an intriguing internal experiment using HARO (Help a Reporter Out). Our curiosity led us to explore how fellow SEOs and link builders approached email responses on the platform. To delve into this, I took on the role of a reporter and posted a query seeking insights into the latest and most effective link building strategies.

Our expectations were met with an avalanche of responses, totaling an impressive 86 submissions. It quickly became apparent that HARO has become a bustling hub for link building endeavors, and this realization sparked an intriguing analysis of how the top performers crafted their responses. Moreover, by leveraging the information they provided, including their website URLs, we were able to conduct a comprehensive analysis using tools like Ahrefs to identify their HARO successes.

The outcome of this experiment turned into an engaging blog post, highlighting the legitimate prowess of HARO for generating roundup-style content. Notably, this blog post has ascended to the coveted position 1 on Google for the keyword ‘link building experts.’

As we dissected the responses, we couldn’t help but notice common mistakes made by many HARO users:

  • Excessive Length: Some responders erred by crafting lengthy pitches that covered an overwhelming array of points. Conciseness and relevance are key in this fast-paced environment.
  • Client Representation: Attempting to respond on behalf of clients proved to be a less effective strategy. Authenticity and personal expertise are more likely to resonate with journalists.
  • Lacking Social Proof: A notable shortcoming was the absence of compelling social proof. Building credibility through prior achievements and expertise is crucial in garnering attention.
  • Generic Pitches: The pitfalls of crafting generic pitches were evident. To stand out, responders should provide unique insights and value rather than regurgitating common knowledge.

Why Our HARO Service Attracts The Best Links

HARO’s popularity stems from its abundance of requests, which serves as both its primary asset and its potential drawback. Although it offers a wealth of opportunities, sifting through them to pinpoint the most suitable ones can be challenging, demanding a keen eye and specific criteria.

In the end, HARO emerges as a formidable strategy for swiftly boosting your domain authority, and it can also evolve into a valuable tool for tier 2 link building over time.

We have successfully harnessed the power of these link-building methods consistently across our portfolio of websites, and we are excited to extend this valuable service to our clients as well.

Our 3 Step Process Ensures Success

🔍 Step One: Onboarding

Initially, we schedule a consultation to gain an in-depth understanding of your company and your specific areas of expertise. This critical step enables us to maximize our efforts in acquiring valuable and pertinent backlinks for your business. During this phase, you have the opportunity to communicate your specific link needs and preferences.

🧐 Step Two: We Monitor HARO Emails for Opportunities

After gaining a deeper understanding of your business, we diligently keep an eye on HARO (Help a Reporter Out) for potential opportunities. Our commitment involves promptly reviewing these incoming emails the moment they land in our inbox. Swift responses are paramount to achieving success with HARO.

🧠 Step Three: Craft Effective Replies

Our expertise lies in crafting insightful responses to HARO pitches that not only provide writers with substantial value but also align seamlessly with their specific needs. Our in-depth understanding of their requirements allows us to consistently achieve remarkable success rates when engaging with writers.

Why We Are the Best HARO Link Building Agency

👉 We Reply Fast

The significance of timing cannot be overstated when it comes to harnessing the power of HARO (Help a Reporter Out) for building valuable backlinks. Our meticulously designed system is engineered to give us a competitive edge, ensuring that our responses not only stand out but also occupy the coveted top position within a journalist’s inbox. This strategic advantage allows us to effectively seize opportunities and make a lasting impact in the world of digital PR and link-building.

👉 We Choose The Best Opportunities

Not every inquiry on HARO originates from a renowned website with significant domain authority. Our streamlined approach swiftly identifies and prioritizes the finest and most pertinent opportunities that align with your website’s goals and objectives.

👉 We Give Answers Journalists Love

Reporters highly appreciate sources that simplify their work. Our approach provides practical advice and memorable insights, which journalists find invaluable. When paired with our rapid response rate, this formula drives effective link-building outcomes.

HARO Link Building Service FAQ

What Types of Company Do You Work With?

We specialize in enhancing the Domain Authority (DA) of websites for a wide range of companies seeking online visibility improvements. Our proven strategy leverages the power of Help a Reporter Out (HARO), which has consistently yielded remarkable results, particularly for businesses in the professional services, Software as a Service (SaaS), and eCommerce sectors.

Our HARO outreach campaigns regularly bring in inquiries spanning various domains, such as technology, travel, business, finance, lifestyle, and more. We pride ourselves on our ability to tap into these diverse niches to secure valuable media coverage and backlinks for our clients.

HARO is a Free Service, What are the Benefits of Hiring an Agency?

HARO, or Help a Reporter Out, is a bustling platform teeming with inquiries, but not all of them are a perfect fit for most businesses. The treasure trove of excellent opportunities is often buried beneath a mountain of irrelevant requests. To thrive in this competitive environment, businesses must act swiftly, typically responding within mere hours, all while crafting responses that are journalist-friendly.

Our clients have discovered that our service not only boosts their link-building efforts but also frees up a significant amount of their precious time. Gone are the days of constantly checking emails and meticulously composing responses. With our assistance, clients enjoy an impressive success rate and see results materialize rapidly. It’s this combination of effectiveness and speed that makes our service a cherished asset for our clients.

Can you Guarantee Links?

Our pricing structure operates on a per-link basis, which means our commitment to serving you continues until you’ve obtained the links you’ve paid for. While it’s impossible to guarantee the acquisition of links, our approach is designed to provide you with the best possible chance of success in link acquisition.

What Type of Links Will I Receive?

Prominent journalists from leading publications often rely on Help a Reporter Out (HARO) as a valuable resource, making these connections a primary focus for our link-building endeavors. However, we also recognize the vast array of opportunities available on respected blogs, regional media outlets, and various high-quality websites. These avenues can yield backlinks of significant value and should not be overlooked.

Should you have specific criteria in mind regarding the types of links you seek, we would be delighted to delve deeper into this topic during a strategic consultation. Our goal is to tailor our approach to your unique requirements and maximize the benefits of your link-building strategy.

How Long Does It Take?

The speed at which you can expect to receive links can vary due to multiple influencing factors. However, most clients tend to notice tangible results within a month’s time frame. It’s important to note that industries that experience a high influx of link requests generally have a greater chance of securing valuable features.

Can I Use HARO Alongside Other Link Building Strategies?

Certainly! HARO can be a valuable tool for securing backlinks from authoritative websites with high domain authority (DA). However, it’s important to note that a well-rounded link-building strategy encompasses various approaches. In addition to HARO, we offer guest posting services as well as a comprehensive link-building solution that covers all your needs. This ensures a diversified and effective approach to boosting your website’s SEO and online visibility.

How Much Do You Charge?

Our HARO service is designed to be as unique as your needs. We believe in crafting a personalized experience for every client we partner with. If you’re interested in learning more and obtaining a customized quote, please reach out to us through our contact page. We look forward to tailoring our expertise to your specific requirements.

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