Top 5 Strategies for Acquiring High Authority Backlinks in 2024


High authority backlinks are key elements for search engine optimization in link building. Every website and business strongly desires to acquire backlinks from highly authoritative sites. This is because high authority backlinks are votes of confidence for a website to build the online reputation of a website.

Google and other search engine algorithms see these backlinks from highly authoritative sites and ensure your content is quality content.

In this guide, you overcome the top strategies for acquiring backlinks from highly authoritative sites that enhance your Google ranking and visibility. Before diving into the strategies, let’s have an overview of high authority backlinks and their importance in SEO.

High authority backlinks

What are High Authority Backlinks?

High authority backlinks are the incoming links from high authority sites. A high authority site must have a strong domain authority and domain ranking score.

These links tell search engines that your content is reliable and your website is trustworthy. 

The top-ranking page on Google typically boasts an average of 3.8 times more backlinks compared to pages ranking in positions 2 through 10.

These high authority backlinks give you several benefits such as:

  • Authority backlinks play a crucial role in enhancing your SEO tactics.
  • They are vital in establishing your website’s credibility within your specific industry.
  • These backlinks have the potential to boost organic traffic, thereby improving your website’s overall visibility.
  • Backlinks originating from high-authority websites can also bolster your website’s reliability and trustworthiness.
  • Acquiring these backlinks typically requires employing techniques such as guest posting and crafting engaging content.

How Google judges high authority backlinks:

Google evaluates the relevancy and authority of backlinks using an advanced algorithm. The following are important variables that affect how Google evaluates the quality of authority backlinks:

1. Relevance: Google considers how closely the content of the connected page relates to the connecting page. A backlink from a website in the same niche or subject matter is more significant.

2. Authority and Trust: Google evaluates the connecting domain’s authority and dependability. The influence of backlinks from reliable websites on search rankings is higher.

3. Anchor text: Search engines can learn more about the content of a linked page from the anchor text, which is the text that can be clicked on a hyperlink. Rather than being generic or overly optimized, anchor text should be descriptive and pertinent.

4. Link Positioning:  Another crucial aspect of content management is where links are placed. those found in author bios, sidebars, or footers are not considered as important as those that are organically inserted into the content itself.

5. Link Diversity: It is deemed advantageous to have a varied backlink profile with links coming from different domains and sources. It shows that the website is not depending just on a small number of sources for backlinks, but is being cited and suggested by other websites as well.

Strategies of High Authority BackLinks

HARO(help a reporter out)

HARO for acquiring high authority backlinks

Help a Reporter Out is a platform that connects journalists, reporters, and bloggers. This platform has gained huge recognition among SEO experts due to its features and how we build backlinks from it.

Writers from bigger websites are always active on this platform as it is a valuable source of getting backlinks.

The answer to how it works is so simple. You will email your insights to the queries of journalists. The content of your answer and your website must be quality content, so journalists see it as useful for them.

If your content is not quality content, then journalists don’t even reply to you or laugh at you. So, you must keep in mind quality over quantity.  

Steps to use HARO effectively

  • Visit the Help a Reporter Out website and register as a source, easily accessible from the homepage.
  • Complete the registration form and proceed to set up your profile, specifying your expertise and industry preferences.
  • Once your profile is active, anticipate receiving around three emails daily, featuring queries from journalists seeking insights on various subjects.

HARO queries

  • Respond to these queries with expert commentary, including links to relevant assets on your website.
  • If your contributions prove valuable to the journalists, they’ll acknowledge your input by publishing your backlinks on their esteemed platforms.

Utilize Skyscraper Technique

Skyscraper technique for acquiring high authority backlinks

A tactic that stands out above the rest in the world of SEO is the Skyscraper Technique. Brian Dean is the developer of this useful technique. He is the SEO expert behind the Backlinko website. 

This strategy is all about maximizing high authority backlinks through high-quality content.

The Skyscraper Technique stands as a pivotal SEO strategy focused on link building. It revolves around identifying top-performing content other websites reference, crafting superior alternatives, and actively engaging with these sites to secure links to your content.

Following are the tips to apply the Skyscraper technique to make compelling content:

  1. Keyword research: Use tools for keyword research such as ahrefs or SEMrush. Identify keywords that have high volume that are relevant to your niche and are used by your competitors in their articles.  
  1. Create Exceptional Content:  Target your searched keywords in your writing. Make content that is far better than your competitors’ content. But not just any content will suffice. Studies reveal that question posts(what, why, how), along with infographics reign supreme in attracting backlinks, outperforming “How to” guides and videos. Aim for depth and insight to capture attention and backlinks.
  1. Outreach your skyscraper content: Don’t sit back and wait for the magic to happen. Take proactive steps to amplify your content’s reach and promote it to people you mention in your post. Email to websites that link to your competitor’s content. Evaluate their domain authority and, then reach out to the key players.

Guest Posting on High Authority Sites

Guest posting is a steadfast outsource link building strategy for acquiring high authority backlinks from high authority sites. This is the most reliable and authentic way to acquire high-authority backlinks.  Yet, the key lies not just in guest posting, but in delivering content quality.

Guest blogging is a technique for brand promotion, building relations with website owners, driving referral traffic, and most important gaining backlinks. 76% of editors plan to publish 1-10 guest posts per week.

Aim not for a solitary guest post, but rather a multiplicity across relevant platforms. With roughly half of the bloggers targeting around 10 contacts monthly and a select few pitching to over 100, competition is fierce, particularly on high DA sites like Forbes, etc.

Hence, it’s imperative to:

1. Assess target publishers using DA checkers, ensuring alignment with your industry.

2. Tailor guest post pitches to resonate with their audience while showcasing expertise.

3. Craft insightful posts mirroring the publisher’s writing style, integrating backlinks organically.

4. Exercise restraint, maintaining a balanced ratio of attributions within the text.
This practice remains a cornerstone for acquiring high-authority backlinks, provided it adheres to white hat link building. Engaging with an expert guest blog post service can expand your reach effortlessly and must give you high authority backlinks.

What is a high authority site?

A high authority site is widely recognized and trusted within its niche or industry. These sites have a strong backlink profile. 

High authority sites with high DA or DR rankings (or both) will usually be referenced and back linked in other highly reputable sources and articles.

Trustworthiness, high authority backlinks, huge traffic, and relevance are the characteristics of a high authority site.

Publishing Ultimate Guides

Publishing ultimate guides on your website helps you to gain high authority backlinks. Ultimate guides are the guides that cover a single topic on a single page. 

For Example, Here is an ultimate guide published on ahrefs website a year ago.

Ultimate guide of ahrefs who gain backlinks.

When I check their backlinks, they gain 14k backlinks in a short period. Although ultimate guides are long,but long-form content performs better in Google than short-form content. The only condition is your content must be useful and helpful.

Source: Search Engine Land

The mentioned guide of ahrefs to link building consists of 5289 words. Yet, this guide gives them 14k high authority backlinks in a year.

3 steps to write an ultimate guide:

  • Find a compelling topic for your guide that is popular and is not covered by many writers. 
  • Outline your guide and create headings and subheadings that you have to mention in your guide. Label your headings as h1, h2, and so on. 
  • Start writing the content of your guide. Don’t focus on word count in writing content. Cover all the aspects related to your niche. As I mentioned earlier, long-form content acquires more high authority backlinks than short-form content.

Broken link building

In simple words, broken link building is identifying broken links on reputable sites and asking website owners to replace that link with your website’s link. 

These broken links refer to 404 error pages or inactive URLs.

The process of identification and conversion is relatively straightforward:

  • Utilize a reputable automated broken link checker tool such as ahrefs Broken Link Checker.
  • Input your competitors’ domains into the tool and initiate searches to uncover potential broken links.
  • tools like Ahrefs, you’ll receive a comprehensive list of both dead inbound and outbound links for each domain. Sort through them based on the domain authority of the referral sources and the anchor text to pinpoint the most relevant opportunities for your website.
  • You can directly search popular domains, particularly if you have specific target referral domains in mind. Specify the high-authority websites, and let Ahrefs conduct the checks, generating a list of their dead outbound links.
  • Regardless of the approach, prioritize selecting broken links that align with your target search keywords.
  • After identifying broken links, reach out to the website owner and propose alternative URLs directing to resources on your website.

Avoid these mistakes in building high authority backlinks

  • Buying links from small sites: Never buy links from non-authoritative sites as these websites give you backlinks that don’t greatly benefit your site. 
  • Anchor text: Be careful with your anchor text. Avoid overusing the same anchor text as it alerts search engines that your backlinks are not ethical. 
  • Stay Away from Link Farms: Avoid services promising lots of quick backlinks. These can harm your blog’s reputation and even get you penalized by search engines.
  • Keep Links Relevant: Stick to getting links from websites related to your blog’s topic. Random links won’t help your SEO and can confuse your readers.
  • Mix Up Anchor Text: Don’t use the same words for every link back to your blog. Mix it up with your blog name, keywords, and natural phrases to keep things looking natural.
  • Focus on Quality Over Quantity: It’s better to have a few good backlinks from trustworthy sites than lots of low-quality ones. Quality matters more than quantity.
  • Make Sure Links Fit the Content: Your backlinks should make sense in the context of the content they’re in. Links in unrelated or strange places won’t help your readers or your SEO.
  • Keep User Experience in Mind: Ultimately, your goal is to provide value to your readers. Focus on creating great content that naturally attracts backlinks, rather than trying to game the system.


If you want your website to grow in this digital world, you have to build backlinks from websites that have high authority scores. Backlinks are to be monitored over time by backlink monitoring tools, so you will stay updated about your off-page SEO.

Acquire high authority backlinks today with our link building services. Don’t hesitate and feel free to contact us.

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