14,852% Organic Traffic Growth for Employee Transparency Platform


Monthly Traffic Increase


Links Built


Months Time Span


Deskera is an innovative employee transparency platform that empowers organizations to foster a culture of openness and collaboration. 

Despite being a newcomer in a competitive market, Deskera aimed to establish itself as a leading authority in employee management and engagement.


Recognizing the intense competition in the HR tech space, our link-building strategy was designed to create a strong and natural link profile for Deskera.

We leveraged a combination of outreach techniques and high-quality link sources to build authority and credibility.

Competitor Analysis.

It’s incredibly important to analyze the competition in order to have a vision for where you’re taking a link building campaign.

  • What types of pages are competitors getting links from?
  • What are the context and topics of those pages?
  • What does the anchor text distribution look like?

We then started by building a foundation of strong branded links to the homepage over a number of months, in order to raise the authority of the site overall.

Later on, we started building more targeted links to landing pages which people find for more targeted searches.

The types of websites we focused on were typically around technology and business, because we saw that was where most top-ranking competitors were earning their backlinks from.


Through a collaborative effort with Deskera, our link-building strategy yielded remarkable results:

  • Increased Organic Traffic by 14,852%
  • Surged Traffic Value by 56,632%
  • Boosted Domain Rating from DR 3 to DR 53
  • Earned Links from 140 Referring Domains, including:
    • (DR 68)
    • (DR 75)
    • (DR 62)
    • (DR 58)


Deskera’s journey from a newcomer to a competitive player in the HR tech landscape showcases the power of strategic link building. By combining insightful content creation with authoritative niche-relevant links, Deskera achieved exceptional organic growth and domain authority within a challenging industry.

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Client: Deskera

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Monthly Traffic: 430k from 9.8k

Keywords Ranking: 62.8k from 22.45k

Links Built: 140

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Monthly Traffic: 270k from 22.9k

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Monthly Traffic: 109k from 1.5k

Keywords Ranking: 258.4k from 142.4k

Links Built: 132

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