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6,312% Organic Traffic Growth for Adventure Travel Agency


Monthly Traffic Increase


Links Built


Months Time Span


Wanderlust Travels, an adventure-focused travel agency, sought to expand its online presence and attract thrill-seekers to its unique travel experiences. They needed a link-building strategy that showcased their offerings and expertise.


Understanding the appeal of adventure travel enthusiasts, our link-building strategy aimed to establish Wanderlust Travels as a go-to resource for adrenaline-pumping journeys. We focused on securing links from authoritative travel and outdoor websites.

Our Approach.

  1. Adventure Guides and Resources: We developed comprehensive adventure guides, travel itineraries, and destination spotlights, positioning Wanderlust Travels as an expert in adventure travel.

  2. Outdoor Enthusiast Outreach: By engaging with outdoor and adventure forums, blogs, and communities, we garnered links from fellow adventure enthusiasts who resonated with Wanderlust Travels’ experiences.

  3. Travel Blogger Collaborations: We collaborated with travel bloggers and vloggers to showcase firsthand experiences of Wanderlust Travels’ journeys, earning links and fostering a sense of authenticity.


Our partnership with Wanderlust Travels led to notable achievements:

  • Attained a 6,312% Increase in Monthly Organic Traffic
  • Acquired Links from 428 Referring Domains
  • Enhanced Domain Rating from DR 19 to DR 45

Prominent Links From:

  • (DR 52)
  • (DR 48)
  • (DR 43)
  • (DR 41)


By leveraging adventure-focused content and engaging with outdoor enthusiasts, Wanderlust Travels experienced remarkable organic growth and established itself as a trusted authority in the realm of adventure travel.

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