8764% Organic Traffic Growth for PDF Editor


Monthly Traffic Increase


Links Built


Months Time Span

Their initial focus was purely on paid advertising (where they get a lot of success) but of course for the long-term sustainability of the business, they wanted to invest into organic search as well.

The keywords in this space have an incredibly high search volume, but due to their lucrative nature they’re also very competitive.


The site was being outranked by 10+ other major competitors in the space including some well entrenched players who have been around for years.

In order to take a slice of the pie, we would need to achieve page 1 rankings in the long term.

Our initial strategy was to run a deep analysis into the types of links that competitors were getting.

Our Approach.

  1. Tool Integrations: Collaborating with software review platforms, tech blogs, and productivity websites, we established partnerships that resulted in high-quality backlinks. These integrations showcased the tool’s functionality and its positive impact on document management.

  2. Educational Content: We created informative content such as blog posts and tutorials, demonstrating innovative ways to utilize the UPDF tool for enhanced PDF management and collaboration. This content resonated with target audiences, attracting backlinks from relevant domains.

  3. Industry Directories: Strategic placement of the UPDF tool on software directories, productivity tool listings, and technology showcases generated both referral traffic and valuable backlinks from industry-specific sources.


Our strategy took a while to bear fruit, but eventually paid off. The site has seen a dramatic rise in organic traffic within the past 2 years, going from around 5,000 organic visitors per month to nearly 612k today. That’s an organic traffic increase of 8764%.

Most importantly, they’re ranking for meaningful keywords that have massive search volume and actually generate leads & customers.

More Case Studies 🚀

Client: Deskera

Domain Rating: 53 from 3

Monthly Traffic: 430k from 9.8k

Keywords Ranking: 62.8k from 22.45k

Links Built: 140

Client: UPDF

Domain Rating: 55 from 16

Monthly Traffic: 270k from 22.9k

Keywords Ranking: 147.4k from 18.36k

Links Built: 213


Domain Rating: 49 from 17

Monthly Traffic: 109k from 1.5k

Keywords Ranking: 258.4k from 142.4k

Links Built: 132

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